Bachelor’s Thesis: ‘Videogame Sounddesign’

In 2011 I wrote my Bachelor’s Thesis ‘Videogame Sounddesign’ at Hochschule Darmstadt under the Supervision of Prof. Dr. Kyrill Fischer and Prof. Willhelm Weber. The thesis approaches the history and development of sound design in videogames and the theory of interactive audio production (planning and conception, production, implementation). Accompanying to the theoretical thesis I worked at DECK13 Interactive GmbH in the Sound Department creating the Sound Design for Moorhuhn: Tiger & Chicken.

Function: Planning and conception of SFX, ambient and music; SFX and ambient Sound Design; Implementation of SFX, ambient and music

Used technologies: FledgeEd, FMOD Designer, Magix Samplitude

More about Moorhuhn: Tiger & Chicken can be found here:
‘Moorhuhn: Tiger & Chicken’