Master’s Thesis: ‘Sound and Interactive Storytelling’

In 2013 I wrote my Master’s Thesis ‘Sound and Interactive Storytelling’ at Hochschule Darmstadt under the Supervision of Prof. Dr. Torsten Fröhlich and Prof. Claudia Söller-Eckert.


The central topic of this thesis is to find approaches to create an integral sound design for interactive media. Integral sound design describes a sound design as an integral part of the medium by the means of interactivity and its functions in relation to the context. The goal is to reduce the redundancy of generic sound designs and to involve the user on the acoustic layer. A research and definition of the topics Interactive Storytelling, Virtual Reality and Sound Design followed by a theoretical involvement with integral sound design leading to different approaches and examples of integral sound design was done. Resulting approaches show, that implementing integral sound in an interactive storytelling medium as an interactive layer and in context to the story is possible with each layer of sound such as sound effects, music, ambient etc. Different effects can be achieved regarding the interface, storytelling or the perception of the story. The described approaches are demonstrated in an interactive story presented in Virtual Reality.

Used Technologies:
Unity Technologies Unity3D, Trimble SketchUp Make, Magix Samplitude, Oculus VR Oculus Rift

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